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Empowering educators, students, parents, and communities

Building Pathways is a unique public-private partnership to provide move-in-ready space to start-up, or replicating charter schools in Washington, DC. It allows new charter schools to incubate until they grow and reach stabilization. The program was developed by Building Hope in partnership with the Office for the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).

Building Pathways identifies and secures property, often with the assistance of the District of Columbia. Building Pathways designs and constructs the facility and secures project financing, allowing charter school leadership to focus on their educational program rather than real estate. Building Pathways also provides property management with all utilities and maintenance included. The OSSE often participates in the financing of the facilities.

Building Pathways began in 2006 with one property. Since its inception, Building Pathways has provided over 785,000 square feet of facility space to 24 start-up or expanding charter schools with the capacity to serve over 6,800 students in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Building Pathways is proud to be highlighted in a new report by Public Impact on Charter School Incubator Programs.